Christmas Gift Ideas: Pt I – Beats & Books

One of my favourite things to do is get/make gifts for other people. On more than 1 occasion I have had friends call me in a frantic because they have tried to buy the perfect gift for someone and felt completely lost. I have been able to use my gift purchasing powers to think of the exact thing the person didn’t even know they needed!

This time I’m gonna do things a bit backwards and hopefully help you pick out gifts for people this holiday season.


For your Music Lover


The Nixon Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Purchased at Spareparts in Chinook  $150

Pictured is the one I bought this summer. I love this thing and bring it everywhere. It’s weather proof which is great for BBQ’s, camping and lay outs. It is shock proof which is awesome because the kid dropped it right after I snapped this picture. And the battery holds a super long charge. Even after an 8 hour shift at the market there is still enough battery to support tunes for a BBQ that evening.

The first time I busted this out of the box I was super impressed by the bass it pumped out, and how loud it could get! The fact that it is wireless + bluetooth capable is also awesome, you can hook it up to any device so anyone can take control. It’s also great for those times when you are watching movies on your computer and the sound needs to be bumped up a notch.

Food Lover: Food Books



My Favourite Restaurants Calgary, Canmore and Beyond

Sold all over the City, in restaurants and at Chapters/Indigo $20

This book is great for the food lover that likes to go out for lunch, brunch, dinners or even for coffee.

This is the 8th edition, and I buy one for myself every year. I keep this in my car or backpack/purse, so when that inevitable question comes; “Where should we eat?” I can take out this thing and look up by location, type of food, or even play roulette and just flip through till someone says STOP!


FullSizeRender (1)


For the one that would rather stay home try, Calgary Cooks

Someone posted a picture of the books and I contacted them to buy one. We met in a parking lot. It is also selling in Chapters + Amazon.

Have you ever been to Anjeo and thought; This table side Guac is SO good & looks so easy to make, but mine never tastes quite right? OR That Kale Salad from Una is one of the best KALE ANYTHING’S I’ve ever had! I wish I could eat it every day. 

Well with this bad boy they will be able to make both of those dishes + a lot more. Whomever you gift this to will be very grateful, and you can ask that they make you something inside as their thank you  🙂


REMINDER: Right now there are only 11 days till Black Friday! This is a great time to do some online shopping for gifts + with most sites you will be able to get things delivered before Christmas.

Even as I write this post tonight I have been on Amazon adding things to my wish list hoping that these items will go on sale on the 28th. Yes, most are for me – but that isn’t the point. Set yourself a reminder so that you can order things swiftly and at discounted prices!

Till next time


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