Christmas Gifts Ideas: Pt II – Buy Local

For the Accessory Lover 

Custom Necklaces by Tribes Society  ($45) + Cinder & Sage ($45)

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I watch too much Criminal Minds and Law & Order to ever have anything with my full name on my person. Instead I have begun to collect things with just my initials. Both of these pieces are simple and beautiful. Knowing that they were both hand made specifically for me makes me feel special every time I wear them.

These pieces can either dress up or down any outfit. They are the perfect length for stacking and mixing I usually don’t use both necklaces for this, that’s 1 too many k’s to wear at a time – but you know what I mean. It has become a struggle though deciding which one to wear, but it is a problem I am ok with having.

The necklace with the K has a penny sized pendant behind it that reads Amour and is from Cinder & Sage. There were other options for the pendant, but this one spoke to me. This chain is on the long side, and I usually pair it with a shirt with a higher neck line. If my top is lower cut I usually wear it under neath to give the look of a body chain.


The hand stamped brass plate necklace is from Tribes Society, and these are all custom made. I chose the letters themselves + the placement. I love the way that it looks and it is different from a lot of the other “name necklaces” I’ve seen out there.



Hair Comb by Cinder & Sage ($30-33)


I remember back in the day when hair combs were just for grandma’s or forcefully put in by your mother. Lindsay from Cinder & Sage has made these bad boys stylish and cool. Whenever I wear them they pop in my dark hair and I always receive a lot of complements. This can be gifted to ladies with both long and short hair.

For the Art Lover


Anything from Clawhammer is surly a win! I love looking at and feeling all of their stuff. I know that sounds weird, but looking at the paper they use and then holding it up to your eye you can see the dents in the paper, the artistic unevenness of the paint – just all of it is perfect.

I remember last year they even had awesome Movember coasters made up! The best way to find them is during a Christmas market, where they have loads of things not shown on their website.




For the Lover of Cozy Items


I first came across Camp Brand Goods when they first started back at a Market. I remember feeling that first t-shirt and being super impressed with how soft it was. Even now, when I want to wear something cozy, I know I can go to my Camp Brand Goods drawer, cuz yes – this is a thing I have, and I can pick anything in there and it will all be just as soft as that first t-shirt.

At the start of the month I was in Vancouver and I was walking around Gastown with my camera sporting one of their T’s, and I saw a guy coming towards me with a familiar print on his sweater. Once we were right in front of one another we both recognized we were sporting Camp Brand Goods tops and we stopped and chatted about how much we love them, and Calgary. Even a province away people are loving and wearing their stuff which makes me super happy for them. They are also opening up a shop in Inglewood, check out The Livery Shop on IG for more info 🙂


All of these products you are able to find online and at a few of the markets I posted the other day! Remember to Support Local Buis!



Models: My fence & myself

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