Favourite Christmas Tunes

Some might think that it is still too early, but I have started listening to Christmas music already. To be honest, it started on October 30th!

My playlist is extensive as there are many songs that have been redone by many people a million times over. And when you start listening to music in October you have to be careful or else you will run out of tunes fast!

I put together this playlist that showcases some of my favourtes –> Flashback Christmas Playlist.

Some of the gems you will find include, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays by NSync – Green Christmas by The Bearnaked Ladies – This Gift by 98 Degrees – Sleigh Ride by TLC & a bunch more. It’s a solid hour of flashback Christmas tunes & I hope that when you are ready, you will listen 🙂

1 new album that will be forever added to the list is Pentatonix’s new album That’s Christmas to Me. I still can’t get over that this group sings ALL ACAPELLA. They were doing it before Pitch Perfect was cool, and before Nick Lachey hosted the Sing Off, they actually won the 3rd season of that show! Their sound is on point, they blend flawlessly and their covers are thoughtful + genius! This album, like the ones that came before it, are fun, smart and super impressive. Their love of gospel and old school r&b are snuck into classics like Hark! The Herald Angles Sing, and you will even find reagee vibes during Winter Wonderland. 

The video below is just an example of their amazingness

Now try to picture myself,  3 children & a stuffed bunny trying to recreate this….it was impossible, even after the tutorial lol.

The kids and I have been obsessed with this album ever since its release. It’s playing during + in between meals, in the car, and when it’s NOT on, 1 of us is singing. When I asked them why they love Pentatonix so much they responded with;

“I love their songs and they don’t even use instruments!” – B

All the noise they make, they do it with their bodies! It’s CRAAAAZY” – D

“They do good singing, I like their voices. And Kevin, he beat boxes and it is soooooooo cool!” – J

Buddy the Elf was right when he said


Photo from here

I hope you enjoy these Christmas tunes! What are some of your favourites?

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