Food Fun at Anju

A few weeks ago I was invited by my friend Terry for a group dinner at Anju. It was planned that  we were to dine on the Pork Shoulder *drooooool. This dish takes a day for chef Roy to prep, so a reso was made in advance for 16 (2 shoulders for the table).

Not gonna lie, the lighting was not great so these were the only pictures I was able to grab. Thank you to bro + Jo being my lighting crew on this one 🙂

If you haven’t been back to Anju since its reopening, you have to make a reso STAT! Their space is all open concept, and is now able to accommodate for twice as many bodies as the old space. The food is still great, and the staff are super friendly + really knowledgeable about the entire menu.

The only down side to the evening was that it was really loud. It made it hard to have a conversation with not only the people at the end of the table, but even the people next to you. The music was bumping which I feel didn’t really match the rest of the joint, but other than that we had great service and the food was on point.


Most of us also ordered 1-2 appies each since we knew that the pork shoulder alone wouldn’t fill us all up. I shared these bad boys with bro + Jo.

Shrimp Tempura, was easy & tasty. The spicy salmon tacos were super good, I was sad that there were 4 of them and 3 of us. This meant that bro got the last one, damn him! The crispy tofu was my favourite out of the 3, so all was forgiven when I was allowed to have the last one of these. Again, super simple but so delish! It sat on top of kimchi that was more sweet than spicy and the sauce mix was super flavourful. A bit of a kick from the kimchi, but still sweet. Don’t be scared of this one!

The pork was so tender it didn’t take a strong man to tear it off with those tongs. Most of us ate it in the lettuce leaves, mixed with sticky rice and a slew of sauces.

If you are planning on a nice group dinner I definitely recommend Anju & the pork shoulder. Just remember the noise level might be a bit high, but when your stuffing your face there’s no need for talking anyways!


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