DIY Christmas Cards & Gift Tags

A tradition we have been doing for years is making homemade Christmas cards + Gift tags. We listen to Christmas Tunes, burn Christmas smelling candles and eat snacks as we turn this activity into another way we come together for the holidays.

This year our supplies included; different kinds of crafting tape, string, cardstock in lots of different colours, crafting paper, white paper, pencils, pencil crayons + markers, scissors and glue stick.

3D Christmas Trees

– Cut out 3 triangles, all the same size. Fold them in half and glue the sides together & place on a card or for a gift tag. Add ribbon or string on top

Tree Gift Tag

Making Gift Tags
Making Gift Tags

– On a white piece of Cardstock put down all different kinds of crafting tape going diagonally. Cut the sides of excess tape so that it is all flush with the paper. I used a black piece of cardstock for the tree. Just cut it out and then glue the 2 pieces together so the tape shows through.

Tape Christmas Tree

Tape + Scissors
Tape + Scissors

– Use a piece of string that measures the length of your paper. Add craft tape in different lines to make a “tree shape”

Melted Snowman

– We cut 3 circles, each a tad bigger than the last. We also cut out 2 “hands” using black cardstock, a scarf using red cardstock and a small orange triangle for his nose. The largest circle was glued onto the craft paper first, on top of that first circle we glued his arms and scarf. To make his head “pop” we folded 2 strips of paper over one another to make an accordion like spring. Normally we would use a hole punch for the eyes and buttons but we didn’t have one at the house so we just used a pen 🙂

Candy Cane Love

– We found the perfect candy cane like paper and cut 1 out and used it to trace it’s twin so that they would match up nicely. From there they were glued onto a red piece of paper and a heart was cut out around them.

Pop Up Tree


– I cut out a few different trees and decided the biggest one should also be a pop out. Just working with placement it made sense for the biggest tree to pop. We also used small jewels for tree decorations and a small cut out for a present with a string topper.

Santa’s Suit

The kids love crafting
The kids love crafting

– Using a red piece of card stock we measured out 2 white strips to use for the middle. Cut a small yellow rectangle and that is easily his belt. 3 small black circles are used as buttons. This is one of my favourite gift tags.

If you have more ideas please share them, and if you make any of the ones we have please share them so we can see!

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