A Day @ Commonwealth Collectors Club

This past Sunday I spent the day at Commonwealth Bar & Stage for the Holiday edition of the Collectors Club.

For the $3 entry you are able to listen to tunes being spun by 2 awesome local female DJ’s and shop for the rest of your holiday gifts. And if you’re feeling it you can do all these things while sipping on a mimosas and eating food from Eats of Asia.

I arrived at around 1:30 and it felt like a Saturday night. Bumping tunes and a crowd that was hard to walk through. But because I’m small I used all my ninja skills to get around. It was pretty steady all day which was good for the vendors and it was great to see all those that came out. I talked to a few people that even were on their way, or just came from Market Collective, it was great seeing all these people supporting local business!

Below are the pictures I was able to snap. Keep up to date with when they will be having their next market by following them on IG + FB

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