What I’ve Learned Thus Far

2015 has started off with a bang! For me, a new home, an adopted cat, renewed love for buying vintage goods and amazing catch up’s with long lost friends. I also blame all of these things for my lack of posting! 

With tomorrow being my birthday I thought it was the best time to start this bad boy up again. These simple things are what I have learned in my 20’some years that I want to share.

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I have always been the person that likes learning about others and getting to know their stories. Through this I aim to be a good listener. If you are thinking of your next response then you aren’t really listening. Even though most of us aren’t playing Survivor we try to outwit, outsmart and outplay one another during conversation. Not everything needs to be a debate, and it is ok to disagree. Just make sure you keep your mind and <3 open. Try to see things from a different point of view. We are always surprised when we find someone who thinks, feels or learns the same way we do. But knowing that others don’t is also refreshing. You can learn a lot by seeing things from a different perspective.

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I’ve spent a lot of time being sad, upset, stressed and every synonym in between. Then I came across the quote Happiness is a State of Mind. Since then this thought is always with me, reminding me that when one of those bad feelings starts lurking it’s just as easy to choose happiness instead. I choose to learn from every situation and to find that silver lining.

I choose to surround myself with those that bring happiness to my life. This has brought a lot of appreciation into my life. I spent a lot of last year making an effort to tell people genuinely that I appreciate them for things they did or said and most were taken a back because they could tell I meant it. I also try to take the time to appreciate moments, both the good and the bad. Again everything is a lesson and appreciation is key. 

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Elsa sang LET IT GO and you know what, she was right. Another choice I make is one to Forgive. This is a simple word that carries a lot of weight. I found that holding onto this was doing no one any good. As soon as I forgave those that I needed to I instantly felt different. Yes the cliché a weight was lifted off my shoulders happened. For me there is no point to holding a grudge, forgiveness is a gift that everyone deserves.

One of the best parts of being an adult is the power of choice. And I choose listening, happiness, appreciation and forgiveness.

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