Introducing Alfred

One thing I never really had growing up was a pet. And originally after moving I had said to myself that I would wait a couple of months before adopting. I think most of it was due to the fact that I am use to a lot going on at home, going from a house of 7 to being on my own I really missed the noise and someone to come home to. So that couple of months turned into a week, and I ended up adopting right away.

Let me introduce you to AlfredALFRED

He is polydactyl which means he has an extra toe on each of his paws. It makes him look like he has mittens. It is adorable and hilarious.

PAWSOMEHe has taken claim of a side of the bed, couch, and even a spot in the bathroom. He is kinda nuts, but I’ve come to learn that most cats are. And all those cat stereotypes are beginning to make sence.



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