Monthly Faves

2015 has been a blur already, and I wanted to take some time to give credit to the things that have made these first few months amazing!

Nixon Blaster1st off, the bad boy of all bluetooth speakers, the Nixon Blaster. I included this in my Christmas present gift guide because I have loved mine since I grabbed it last year. You would never think that something this small could pack so much power. Not only is it bluetooth, but I have dropped it, the kids have played with it and I’ve even gotten it wet – and the thing has still held up. I use it in the AM while getting ready, cooking, and even while in the bath. The portable aspect of it makes it really appealing as I can easily carry it from room to room, and even indoor to the patio.

untitled-1050289First Aid Beauty makes great products, and I’m glad that these days I am able to find most of the line at Sephora. I have been using the face wash for over a year now and I am still really happy with it. My newly added purchases include the Ultra Repair Cream + Lip Therapy, and they have me swooning.

Calgary winters are brutal, and I found that the Ultra Repair Cream keeps my dry skin at bay. The best thing about a lot of the line is that it works on all skin types. As a person with combination skin (mostly oily and a dry T zone) I have become very skeptical of products to have this claim, but this has been the first one that has actually lived up to it. The cream goes on smooth and light without feeling caked on or like my skin can’t breathe through it.

Last summer for the first time, my lips got sunburnt! Something that I thought would never happen. It was mostly the fault of this chapstick I feel in love with while in Maui. It was Hawaiian Tropic, had an SPF of 45+ and smelled like coconuts <3. Once I stopped using it though while back home, my lips went completely nuts! They became super sensitive and I couldn’t get them back to normal. I tried to use a combination of different things but nothing worked. My usual EOS balms seemed super waxy and whenever I pit it on I just found myself whipping it off. I used lip scrubs and butters and still nothing worked. But then I found out that First Aid Beauty also made this Lip Therapy I knew I had to try it out. It has taken awhile but with the help of this life saver my lips have been restored and I’m so thankful!

March Fave - BenchWhen I first feel in love with my new home I had a set vision of how I wanted everything to look. As many do, I turned to Pinterst and the Ikea website. It was only after living in the space with no furniture for a couple of weeks when I knew I had to throw all my OG plans out the window.

When it came to looking for pieces I stumbled upon an IG account in Vancouver that sold vintage goods… This is where the black hole started. It has been a few months now and I have been able to pick up a bunch of different pieces from a lot of amazing vintage sellers in the city. But this month my favourite, as well as Alfred’s goes to this beautiful yellow bench from Bex Vintageuntitled-1050304

Normally it sits at the edge of my bed but I have used it as additional seating for guests as well as a stand in coffee table. The legs are sleek and beautiful, and it’s my favourite colour which gives me another excuse to love it.

IMG_9114-1My new found love for vintage goods has not stopped me from still traveling to Ikea a bunch of times. And I am the type of person that likes to do research and have a plan before setting foot into a store. So when I found out that Ikea had an app I had to check it out. This thing has definitely been my top app used this year so far. It made the whole overwhelming thought of going to Ikea much more manageable. One of the best parts of the app is that you are able to search for products, pick what you want and put it all into a shopping list. From there the app is synced to the store and will update on how many products are left. My favourite part is that it will tell you what part of the store to pick up your products in, that includes if you need to ask for help, go into the self-serve section (it includes the aisle number and everything!) and even if you can find it on the display floor. Another great feature is that it will show you a GRAND TOTAL of each of your shopping lists. This helped me stay within my budget, which is great as it is super easy to pick stuff up along the way.

Now we are into April, and I’m already excited to share more monthly faves with you soon! What have you been loving?

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