Back in the groove 

I know it’s been a minute since you’ve seen me around, and I can explain! I was off galavanting around, attending weddings, camping, road trippin, bullet journaling, taking photos, reading and chillin with Alfred – ya know 🙄.

To tell you the truth after my last post I felt a bit uninspired and was too nervous to post. Then when I’d muster the courage I would think, It’s been too long between the posts! Viewership will be down! Who reads this junk anyway!? If you are not familiar with these types of things, let me introduce you to how I experience anxiety. With all of these negative thoughts clouding me, I forgot that this was my safe spot for me to drop all my ideas, showcase my photos, and hopefully inspire.

I’ve been keeping a running collection in my bullet journal entitled To blog or not to blog (latest of said collection is pictured above) and it came to the point that the pros outweighed the cons.

And then yesterday, on my thirty first birthday I made the decision to punch the negativity in the face and to bring the blog back. So here I am, anxiety and all.

Thank you for being patient and kind and for that continued to support .

You won’t have to wait years for my next post, that bad boy will be up by end of the week 🤘🏽.

Want a hint?


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