KDC Book Club

I am so excited to announce the first instillation of the KDC BOOK CLUB!

I knew that I wanted a way to bring books and reading to this online community so I am hopping that you will join me. If one of your new year’s resolutions was to read more then please join!

The rules are simple:

  • We will read books of all types, I will look for nominations from the group so that we can have a wide variety
  • You will have a month and a half to read each book
  • We will come together over food to talk about what moved us, confused us, angered us and inspired us
  • If there is a movie version of the book we will watch it and have that loving debate of which was better – movie or book – 
  • Use any way you feel most comfortable to absorb the book (physical form, audio form, e-reader)
  • Use #kdcreads on Instagram + Twitter to engage in the convo and share your pictures. Check out the FB page too for more 

I wanted our first book to be something I had not read before, something known but maybe not too well and something with a powerful story. That being said  for the first book I have chosen…


Lion by Saroo Brierley. This book was previously published as A Long Way Home: A Memoir. 

I chose this book because

  1. The preview for the movie looks so heart wrenching and beautiful
  2. It was on sale at Chapters
  3. It’s a memoir, which I am always drawn to 

Read by: April 22nd

Have fun, don’t feel intimidated and even if you only read 1/2 the book please join the dinner + movie watching 🙂 Happy reading!


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