March Faves

podcast: Stranglers 

This podcast is able to go real deep down the rabbit hole as it is the same case across many episodes. Their focus – the Boston strangler. I like that they do really great research so there is a lot of information shared. Also, the host has a nice voice which is always a plus when listening to a podcast.

Normally when I start a new podcast I go all the way back and listen from the very beginning. I started listening close to the start of the month and powered through quickly, so now I am anxiously awaiting the next episodes.

vinyl: Phantom

While at Market Collective this month, I visited the Beatniq Bus booth and picked up 3 new records. Out of them all, I love this one the most. The insert is beautiful, it has lyrics and illustrations for the entire record. $20 for my happiness – check!

tv show: Ultimate Beastmaster on Netflix

I know what you’re thinking….WTF, but hear me out! The athletes competing are hard core, some are ice climbers, rock climbers and even NFL players. The best part is that each competing country has their own set of announcers and they are fuuuuuuny!

If you’ve spent any time with me this month, I’ve talked about it or have made you watched an episode. So do us both a favour and just watch it so I stop bugging you!


for the body: Sugar Lemon Body Lotion by fresh

This stuff is moisturizing and smells like lemon and laundry and not in an overpowering obnoxious kind of way either. It doesn’t take long to soak into your skin, which I like and it isn’t sticky or wet feeling. If they made a fragrance in this cuz I’d buy it!

for the hair: Aveda Smoothing Fluid

 I bought this so long ago that they don’t even make it anymore…

This stuff makes my hair shiny and smooth. I massage 1 pump into my finger tips and run it through the tips of my hair and work it up the strands. I use this when I get out of the shower after a quick brush or on second day hair to shine it up.

for the face: Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution by Kiehl’s 

I’ve used this for over a year and just had to repurchase it finally. It defenitly lasted longer than I thought it would considering I use it every day. I dab a bit on my hyper-pigmentation and any redness I have on my cheeks. This has minimized the visible scaring and my problem areas are not a stress point for me anymore. I find this product works best if you concentrate it into your areas of concern. I only use a bit from inside the dropper as I use the side of the dropper and drag that along my face. It sounds strange – but it works I promise. 

for my journal: Faber Castell artist pen S 

This has been my go to pen for my journal since February. I like that it is fine tip, the black is nice and dark and it doesn’t bleed through the pages. What more could a girl ask for in a good pen.

What have you been into this month? If you have any recommendations, please let me know!

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