My obsession with A Beautiful Mess 

If you have loved DIY, home decor, or just straight up beautiful blogs, for any amount of time you have come across A Beautiful Mess.

For me it was easy to fall in love right away with their positivity,  their old school flare and their beautiful aesthetic. My obsession started strong and I started to visit the blog on the daily – sometimes multiple times a day to be honest. Their posts varied from hair tutorials, DIY tips and recipes so I always knew that out of all the blogs I followed, I would always end up Pinteresting something from their site as it was so versatile.

Then came the day where their humble ass blog blew up and they were putting out products, classes, apps and subscription boxes. Oh man, as I was already heavily deep into my obsession my wallet didn’t stand a chance.

Now that it has been a few years I’ve been able to try all of their products (not.even.kidding) I’ve found the things that I love.

When I was younger I remember my mom having boxes and boxes of greeting cards, and for every damn occasion! I wanted this for myself, without the anxiety riding trip to a card store to sort through everything they had at $4 a pop. Well the lovely day came when the lovelies at ABM announced their first subscription box was going to be greeting cards, my heart exploded. You mean I can get a bunch of beautiful cards, postcards, a crafty surprise and a poster mailed to me monthly? Of course I want in!!!

I have been loyal to this box ever since and I love it dearly. My collection is nicely sorted by occasion and honestly it makes me so happy to be able to have a card at a drop of a hat and know that it will be beautiful and unique.

This month’s box included these beauties

This months box also came with a heart punch cutter and some sweet alaphbet stickers. I’m gonna find a way to incorporate these things in my April bullet journal spread. See…obsession inception!

A bit after ABM launched their Happy Mail, they started A Messy Box. This sub box was more for the crafters I felt, the more creative types! It included a few pieces of large paper, cards with pictures and/or phrases (I say and/or cuz most are double sided) and more.

Now that it has been a year that I’ve been bullet journaling, it has been fun to go back and flip through. But I am a child, and am drawn more to the pages that I have put a bit more time into, read: that have pictures and pretty things on them. I reevaluated my bullet journal and saw the potential that lay in all the blank pages and so I caved and signed up for a 6 month sub to this box starting just this pay January. I’ve used things from the box to cover up pages I’ve wanted to rip out and I’ve found ways to use the items to give more life to an otherwise sad looking page – and I’ve been loving it.

This month included a lot of plant things and I’m excited for my April layout!

The nice thing about these boxes are that there is never a lack of creativity with the products and everything is different. With the cards there hasn’t been a repeat card yet and that box has been going strong for over a year. Bravo to them!

If a mailbox filled with cards are not for you, they also do grab bags and sell some of the cards as singles. Visit the site often or sign up to their mailing list.  Their customer service is also spot on. You speak to an actual person and their responses are always very considerate and helpful.

On their website they do unboxing videos like the one below where they will show you all of the products included in each month’s box but,  I like the surprise so I never watch it. Watch the video to get a better idea of what comes in each box! 

I highly recommend their products, even their classes and most of all their blog.

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