How to stay motivated to finish a damn book!

When relaunching the blog I knew that I wanted to start a book club. Now that we are a week away from the first party, (FB Book Club Event) and I’m not even done the book yet! But to be honest I’m not worried because I’m following my own advise. Want to know what is working for me? Keep on reading, I hope that this bit will help you complete any book.

My first lesson is to actually make the time to read. It sounds simple enough, but in our busy lives we are usually on the move, on our way to/from work or school thinking… What’s for dinner? Do we have all the ingredients to make said dinner? What tasks are due today? What is on TV tonight? 

There is just always something we could be doing. Picking up a book forces you to slow down and focus on only one thing, what the authour is trying to tell you.

This in a way is my reading mantra. I will think I’m too busy this week to read! But remembering that reading takes me away from all of that noise brings me comfort and I remember what it is like to enjoy a book. As an avid bullet journaler I have started tracking my reading in my monthly habit tracker which has been interesting to see my reading time trends.

Another thing I have found helpful is to set the scene when it’s time to read. Multiple people have said that they read before bed, the only trouble is that they are never able to get into the book enough because you fall asleep.

Think about your room for a second…You have hand picked the coziest pillows, the softest sheets and the warmest blankets – how are you NOT supposed to fall asleep when you retreat there? When I read in bed I know that I can’t get fully comfy or else I will loose to sleep 100% of the time.

If in bed is where I choose to read I know to not fully submerge myself under my comforter, I’m grabbing a throw blanket. Instead of fully reclining in bed, I’m sitting up. Instead of low lights, my window is open or the lights are on. I’m still trying to be all comfy cozy, but reading type of comfy not to sleeping kinda comfy.

What is your ideal place to read a book? I think of beautiful libraries around the world that I would love to visit, and photograph it.  It is never to actually go there to read. The quietness that is a library freaks me out. I was never the type to study at the library for this very reason! I like a bit of noise, a bit of movement, more life! So these are the types of environments I will look for to read in comfortably.  Another reason I don’t typically read in bed. I like reading outside, while friends are fishing, in a park, camping. When I’m at home my go to reading nook is on the balcony. The view is bonkers since we face the mountains the sunsets are always on point. There is also a lot of bustle moving around below with people and traffic which keeps me sane. So again, where is your fave spot to read a book?

During the week I carry around a pretty big sized bag to fit my journal, notes for meetings, snacks, a water bottle and many other things. On the weekend I usually keep to a smaller bag but in both I always make room for a book. No matter which bag I’m rocking 8/10 I’m bringing a book with me. I complain about being busy a lot, but a lot of the time I’m waiting around for something or someone. Waiting on a meeting, waiting for food, waiting for an appointment. What is your go to when you’re waiting? For me, it was usually my phone.

So it is in these moments that instead of reaching for my phone, I’m going for my book.

It might not be a long amount of time, but it refocuses me and brings me a bit of peace, even if it is for a couple of minutes.

My last tidbit of reading motivation I can give you is to know that you’re not doing it alone! I know, cheezy as all hell, but this brought me a lot of comfort this month. I would find times where I was the true definition of unmotivated.

I would talk to my friends and family that have become a part of the book club and I would find inspiration from all of you.

We are asking each other, How far are you? What do you think about this part? It brings me comfort to know that we are doing this together. It was one of the main reasons why I wanted to start the book club in the first place. The small community that this has created brings me the courage to do it again.

If you haven’t read Lion yet, do not fret. Come to the viewing party anyways, you will be able to meet the beautiful people that decided to do this with me. And we can enjoy and all watch the movie together.