Obsessed: Perfume Rollerballs

When I was younger I was always fascinated with mom’s perfume collection. All the bottles were so pretty and by watching her I would learn the process of choosing the right scent for the right moments.

Happy Mother’s Day shoutout to all those mama’s that taught us this + so much more <3 

Back in the day I only stuck to 1 or 2 scents because honestly, it was all my little pockets could afford. I was all about CK1 by Calvin Klein and Dream and So Pink from GAP.

For me smell has always been a memory kick starter. Whenever I smell my old perfumes I think about how young I was!

I remember wearing So Pink when I met Rick the Temp (Rick Campanelli) at our Jr High MuchMusic video dance. I was so excited to see his mushroom cut IRL and, it was just as magical as I could have ever hoped for!

The smell of original Dove shampoo brings me back to the days when I was 16 and sleeping on the floor of an apartment I couldn’t afford.

Like I said, smell brings back all types of memories. Whenever a panic or an anxiety attack creeps up on me I try to use smell to keep me grounded – but more on that coming soon.


So why do I love these rollerballs so much?


Let’s start with the fact that one 50mL bottle of perfume can be $88+!! And even with wearing the same scent daily it still takes a long time to use up the whole damn thing.

scent lasts longer

I have definitely noticed that when I use the roller ball vs. a spray that the rolled on scent stays longer. Is it because the perfume itself is concentrated in whichever section I place it? Is it because there is just more product used? Is it because of something completly unrealted? Probably! Either way, I like that I can put it on before work and smell nice all day.

All of my rollerball perfumes live on my desk sitting atop an IKEA cake stand, in a blue Urban Outfitters tray. I think about where I’m going, who I’m seeing and which scent “goes with my outfit”. From there I just throw my “scent of the day” in a smaller cosmetic bag that I can move between purses and backpacks.

I carry both Nest Indigo and Marc Jacobs Daisy with me all the time in case I have forgotten to put on a scent during my morning routine. I think of these two as my perfume staples and not because I love them the most but because of their versatility.

As an alternative there is also the great Travalo you can use if you have full sized perfume bottles. This lets you fill a smaller spray bottle very eaisly so you can take your perfume with you. 


I like a bit of viarity in my life and this rings true all the way down to my perfumes. So, here’s my math for ya

For the price of one 50mL bottle of perfume I can get the same scent AND another one for the same price?!?! To me, that’s a win!

Whenever a new scent comes out that I want to try, I go into Sephora and ask for a sample, another thing I learned from my mama. This is always a great way to figure out if I can get away with the scent without fully committing to a full size.

So now that you’ve read the why, keep going to find out when I choose to wear which perfume.

fresh scents

In the morning, I am drawn to the “lighter” scents I own. They all have the same theme of “clean smelling”. I try not to go too floral or overpowering as I work in an office I try to be conscious of other’s allergies and discomfort around strong smells so that is why I go with these specific scents for this time of the day.

Replica Lazy Sunday 

Elizabeth & James Nirvana White

Nest Citrine 

Deeper scents

During the evening I become a bit more brave with my perfume. I go for bolder, more “masculine” and musky scents, the exact opposite of my day time choices.

Replica Jazz Club

Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black

Currently online and in store Sephora has 3x beauty points until May 14th which to me, means it’s a sign!

Which perfumes do you like? I’m always looking for recommendations 🙂

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