Weekend Getaway 

I always say that YYC is a small town disguised as a big ass city. Last weened’s wedding is proof of that.

Bae and I went out with the newly weds before they were, *ahem* newly wed and, it was there that the groom and I realized that we went back all the way to Jr High. Years later b and the groom met in University in a completely different province! See what I mean, small town. It was a surreal feeling knowing that b and I knew different versions of the groom and that we were all connected and brought back together at his wedding. This fact made everything feel even more special.

It was a beautiful wedding set in the mountins. The setting, the people, the dancing till 2am, it was all GREAT. The weekend festivities definitely recharged me for the week.

Thank you to all the people we met, talked with and danced next to! And to the bride and groom, thank you for including us in your day. You guys defs know how to throw a party ❤

These images are what I captured during our weekend in the mountains.


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