June Plan 

It could be that I’m nosey as all hell, or that plan with me posts are my favourite. Welcome to my version 🙂 This past long weekend I took my journal outdoors to set up for June.


I always dedicate 2 full pages to each new month. So far in 2017, the name of the month has gone on the left side while the monthly overview is on the right.

It could have been all that time in Jr High where I made title pages to introduce new topics in my binders that I have carried this obsession into adulthood. I like having a “title page” to introduce each month. It clearly seperates the months in my journal and gives me time to practice drawing.

Since I have been working on my calligraphy, the other months are simply just their names, nothing too special. With the beautfiul weather and it feeling like spring/summer wherever you go, I decided to jazz up my monthly title up a bit. It isn’t anything crazy, just a simple wreath with “Hello June” written inside.

I use my month at a glance to write down all the birthday’s, holiday’s, friend/family hangs and, appointments that are upcoming. When I do my weekly spreads I refer back to this calendar to organize myself.

The next 2 pages that follow are always my grattitudes. I use to write out the date numbers in advance, but sometimes I would not journal at all and this left big blanks on the page which I am not a fan of. I decided to simply write in the date when I am going through my daily’s. This also gives me the freedom to try out different fonts and doodles as I find them.

As I mentioned before, I use my grattitude pages to reflect on the day. Even when those shitty days happen I try to remember a time in the day where I felt joy, this is what I record. I keep this section in short form, sometimes it is as simple as someone’s name.

Next up we have my memory page. This is where I collect anything exciting that happend during the month. It could be a movie ticket, a picture or just words about something that I want to remeber. This year is flying by and this page gives me a nice onceover.

On the right side I have my monthly habit tracker. This month I am tracking my reading, how often I’m spending money, and even my anxiety attacks. On the bottom I keep my self care tracker. I  note how much I slept, my overall mood for the day, how my diet was and my physical activity. This has been very interesting to see how 1 of these things will drastically effect another. As I don’t have too many things in my habit tracker it fits perfectly at the bottom of the page.

I started a collection in May called “Netflix Binged”. I have been recording all the seasons that I have finished which has been really fun and scary to add to. Who knew I watched so much TV! As I don’t watch things just on Netflix I changed the title of this section to just “TV Binged”. I kept the Netflix colours in the title though as I really like how it turned out for May.

On the right page I have started a “June Favourites” page where I can list the things that I have been enjoying since my last favourite post.

And really, that is it! From here I do my weekly spread and continue with my daily’s after that.

Are there other things you want to see in my Bujo? Let me know!

What other collections do you have in your journal, I’m always looking for suggestions 🙂

Happy planning friends!

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