Obsessed: Polaroids 

I have loved Polariods for as long as I can remember. It’s the nostalgia, the instant print and tbh I think they look cool as hell! Thankfully the Polaroid has been making a comeback so there are newer versions of the camera and even more products to help us with our obsessions!

Fun Fact: Ever since I was a kid and saw a commercial on TV for the Polariod cam I have wanted one! Once I found one, it inspired me to start collecting other vintage cameras.

I searched for awhile a few months for a vintage Polaroid but wasn’t very sucessful. I was starting to get bummed out, then one greatful day I spoted this Sun600 in the trash! These bad boys were first released in the early 80’s and when I think of the Polariod cam, this one was what I always saw. So I did what any sensable person would, I got into the trash pushed all the garbage aside and put it in my backpack and ran away laughing about my great find while pulling crap outta my hair.

When it comes to vintage finds for me I always think of all the places the item has been and all the people that it has seen. I think of this every time I look at my old cameras. If only you could talk and tell me all of your stories! 

Another reason I love collecting cameras is seeing the transformation in products over the years. Just check out these puppies!

The best thing about the Polaroid picture is that you get to hold it in our grubby hands instantly! There is no time for checking yourself out in a view finder, and there isn’t any room for edits you get what you get. We are a generation where we want things right away, so it is nice to have a product that gives the feeling of instant gratification but also captures something special. It’s fun to watch others with a Polariod too, because it is usually the same formula of events. The picture is taken and then the faithfully and patiently waiting begins. Laughter and gasps always follow after seeing exactly what the camera picked up.

If you’ve been here before you will know I am memory collector, if it’s your first time here -welcome to the party😎.- I started becoming a memory hoarder because I had so many prints that had no homes. So when it came to finding a way to display them all I have always looked for something that would show multiple prints.

I started with the most classic way, picture frames. I picked up this rose gold frame at Urban Outfitters. I liked that it opened like a book and, I can showcase 4 prints. This frame sits on my desk and I look at it every day. I currently have it open to pictures of people I miss dearly. When I see their faces I think about their adventures in other places of the world <3.

When bae and I went on a road trip last summer I wanted to take a Polaroid a day as a way to remember our adventures. See, memory hoarder!
I really liked this frame I saw at Chapters and thought it would be another great way to display multiple pictures at one time. I used washi tape to secure the pictures to the frame and added a sticker quote from one of my ABM sub boxes. I like that the frame is transparent which lets a lot of light in and doesn’t block the aloe plant.

There were a lot of weddings where we were instructed to take pictures for the guestbook. Naturally we took advantage of the extra film and took picture keepsakes for ourselves. I keep most of these pictures on our fridge using magnet frames that are again from Urban Outfitters.

There are a couple pictures with my niece on the fridge that are just held on by a magnet. This of course is another fun and easy way to display the pictures.

And that my friends, is where I drew the line on frames. It was beginning to get difficult to choose between all the pictures I still had left over because I want to display them all! So, I turned to Pinterest for inspo. I found a lot of buntiing but I felt it looked a bit too cluttered and I wanted to use bunting for other things in our place. The other alternative I found were photo albums. But the biggest one I could find only fit 10 pictures and that  just wasn’t going to cut it!

I finally settled on finding a kick ass dish to display as many prints as it could hold. The mission was to find a dish that stood it’s own as a decorative piece but that would also entice people to look inside. I went to Anthropology and UB and came up empty handed. So I set off to IKEA in search of a bowl and of course, frozen yogurt.

While strolling through the plant section of IKEA, bae pointed this bowl thing out. I was already holding something else fully intending to buy it, but one look at this gold flower power bowl and I knew it needed to come home with us!

Now my loose Polariods have a home and I am over the moon! I love that the pictures stand out against the gold flowers and that the dish itself is also enticing which will draw us to look in it more often. It is also fun to hold the pictures and flip through them, and there is no rhyme or reason for their order so my organizational brain can have a break. I’m super happy with this find –

bae if I haven’t told you yet today – this is my decloration of thanks for finding this gold thingy for the living room <3.

Do you have the same obsession with Polaroids as I do? How do you display all of your pictures?

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