I know it’s been a minute since you’ve seen me around, so let me do the Canadian thing and start things off with an apology.  I’m sorry for not being around and kind of vanishing for a bit. June was hectic to say the least and my focus needed to shift to those around me + myself and I just didn’t have the brain capacity to make room for anything else. If ya’ll have lived through major life changes you know what I’m sayin’. Your priorities show themselves and that’s all you can do. 

So that’s where I have been. I hope you’re shit has been ok, and if it’s been just as crazy as mine know you’re not alone and  I got you even if it’s just through here ❤️❤️

I haven’t been to Jasper in awhile and when we had a few days off we decided to take the 6 hour trip up to camp there.

The drive out is beautiful! We drove passed the Ice Caves, so many nice lakes, waterfalls and so.much.wildlife. With that said it also brought a lot of tourists stopping in the middle of the damn road to take pictures! For the safety of your rental vehicles and the rest of us not to mention the animals themselves please don’t do this!

We fished 5 lakes in 4 days but didn’t catch anything *whomp whomp. The weather was nice and the sunsets of Saturday and Sunday were spent in the Miette hot springs which weren’t too over crowded and just so great.

These are my favourite shots through that weekend.

Hike into Valley of the 5 Lakes

Maligne Canyon

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