summer daze

This summer has been B.A.N.A.N.A.S! I thought June was nuts, well I wasn’t fully prepared for what July (and part of August) had in store for me. The 9-5 has been more like a 7-6 kinda thing  and by the end of the day I’m emotionally drained. In order for me to be able to do it all again the following day I need to do things that will recharge me. Below you will see snaps of some of those “recharge” activities.

During an evening walk we went to go see the part of the pathway on St Patrick Island that always floods over. Somehow they talked me into walking through it instead of around it 🙄.

All of my favourite fruit are in season so that means frequent stops to Crossroads Farmers Market.

Annual dog party on Canada day

That nasty summer cold that went around got me good so I asked if we could redo our anniversary dinner. This was just part of the sushi we consumed as re lived our first date <3

Shakesphere by the Bow is a standing tradition with friends. This year’s show was so funny and well done it was just hot as hell!

The view, winning Crib, La Croix and Alfred

Went hiking with friends and the kids to Rawson Lake. I ran into friends that I hadn’t seen in forever which was really nice. I was so proud of the kids for getting their whining butts up the mountain haha

A new baby arrived in bae’s family 💙💙

We taught the kids how to fish last summer but this was the first time where it was at an actual lake. After this cast he caught his first one ❤️

We went family camping out at McLean never thought I’d ever be there with kids! We went fishing, swimming and checked out Elbow Falls.

Sunfest 2017 was rainy so the crowd was small just how I like it! 

We have more adventures planned for the rest of summer and some of that includes being out of service. But I have a lot of fun things coming up that I’m really excited for. Posts will be coming back once a week starting in September once I’m back from vacay. Check out IG and FB for up to date news 🙂


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