Online Friends to IRL

Making friends as an adult is weird. Mix in my anxiety and lack of wanting to socialize in general makes making new friends even harder for me. When you are younger your friend groups are created naturally by the enviornment of school or other activities. As an adult I learned that this becomes your choice.

Not too long ago I found myself in a creative rut. I was missing someone to share ideas with, be inspired by and just rant to about online shenanigans. This happened to also be the same time I started going down a hashtag black hole.

It started with searching #handlettering and #yyc/#calgary tags and then eventually I started cruising the #calgaryblogger most recent photos. That is when I came across this beauty.

*sigh* just looking at this drawing I felt so many things. First off it is in my favourite color, but then the fluidity of the font, the great fit between the lettering and the drawing. SO GOOD! Knowing that someone local made this beauty I needed to creep explore further.


christina feed


You know when sometimes you see someone online and you think, shit, we could be friends! That is exactly what I thought as soon as I visited Christina’s website.

Food lover – check

Creator – check

Bullet Jorunal user – check

Has same name as me* – check

*not usually a necessity, but helpful!

I was drawn to Christina as a human, I loved her unicorn hair, I was inspired by her vibe, and she just seemed so relatable. I did the standard follow and commented on a few of her pictures. Finally I musterd enough courage to ask for IRL hangs. She mentioned she had never been to Rosso so that is where we headed. #foreverourspot

After chatting about our lives and showing off our journals to one another we knew we should collab in some sort of way. It took us awhile to get there but we came up with a Journaling challenge. We decided to gift one another a curated collection of our own suggested Journal start up supplies with a max of $50.


In the weeks to come you will be able to see what I gifted Christina, and my first impressions of the things I recieved. Check out Teatime Circus to see Christina’s POV of how we met coming at ya next week. We will also have more posts about what we gifted one another and our first impressions of what we recieved.

TBH some of my most favourite pictures I have ever taken were during our gift exchange. So thank you Christina for not turning down my coffee chat, and for being such a lovely person. I am sorry I ramble and can never get my sentences out how I want them. You have inspired me and have reminded me that you can never have enough pens <3.

Let’s all take a little bit of inspo from this rad lady.

I believe that being the best version of yourself is about kindness, seeing things positively, and sharing your joy for the life you are given.