Stationery Swap with Teatime Circus

Disclaimer: When we came up with this challenge I was thinking of what to fill your journal with thinking that you already had said journal. It wasn’t until I got to my meetup with Christina that I realized I should have included a journal….duh! So, apologies to Christina and to you readers for my mess up.

 Please know that I prefer the Lechtturum1917 dotted grid notebooks as it allows for more of a creative structure and the pens I use do not bleed through the paper. That being said let’s get started. 

The Challenge

$50 worth of our must-have Bullet Journal Supplies

Gifting to

Christina of Teatime Circus

Check out my post about our first meetings + Christina’s post

What I picked

Most of the doodles in my journal are simple line drawings because I don’t find myself that great of an artist. In order to spruce things up, I turn to stickers, washi tape and colourful paper so that is where my inspiration.

If you have been around my blog before you know that I have an obsession with A Beautiful Mess. (Read this post from back in March to find out specifically why.) ABM announced that they were going to stop their monthly scrapbooking supply subscription box and I was devastated! I have been receiving the box for over a year and I have loved every month’s selection of different items. Everything has been of great quality and so pretty.  So naturally I greedily awaited the email letting me know of their closing out sale and I went nuts!

I handpicked 4 pieces of colourful paper, a package of postcards, a few random stickers and two posters that really reminded me of Christina.

spoiler: the notebook pictured was from Christina

I chose the Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen as the only writing utensil in my box. It is one of my favourites for hand lettering, and knowing that Christina likes to dab in this I thought it was an essential for sure! The tip isn’t as long as a dual brush marker pen so you have more precision when writing. The pen is also great for creating nice thin and thick lines and the black ink is water based and very opaque. Originally I ordered the pen from Amazon but even with Prime, it took a couple of weeks to arrive. Christina let me know that she found the same pen at Swinton’s Art Supply in YYC so no need to wait for weeks for it! The pen also comes with a small ruler inside the package. There is also a small box cut out you can use for borders and things alike.

Washi tape is one of my favourite things to keep within arms reach when I am journaling. You can use it to create borders, titles or just because it’s pretty. This is why I chose a 7 pack from the Happy Planner at Michael’s. The quality of the tape is great. If you mess up with placement it pulls up easily without ripping your page. And even with moving it a couple of times it does not loose the stick. There were so many combos of washi tape that it was really hard to choose. I went with colours that I have seen on Christina’s blog and in the clothes she wears in hopes that she would be excited to use them. And then I picked a pack for myself.

Also from the Happy Planner line at Michael’s I chose a 985 “Productivity” sticker book. I feel like if you are a planner the chances of you having your own sticker book as a child is pretty high. And really, any excuse to use stickers as an adult is welcome amiright? It was really hard not to keep these stickers for myself but I knew being a business woman Christina would be able to use these easily. There are motivational sayings, stickers you can write on and simple stars or hearts like pictured below.

Collecting these items was so much fun! My favourite part was watching Christina discover all of the goodies. Who can really complain about stationary Christmas in the summer?Check out Christina’s post next week to see what she gave me.

Next up in the series will be our first impressions so keep an eye out in the weeks to come.


Big up’s goes to Work Nicer  for coming in on the weekend so we could take pictures in their amazing space. Also shoutout to Chrstina’s hubby for taking our picture as we “casually” wrote in our journals.

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