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As a recluse fall is one of my favourite seasons. Not only can I wear scarves strategically to hide my face, the appeal of the indoors increases ten fold with the cold weather outside. I’ve put together my latest reads, watched and listened to things in my newest selection of Binged. Hopefully, this list will help you indulge in some indoor behaviour.



Stand Up

Jerry Before Seinfeld

As an avid comedy fan when I heard Mr Seinfeld was set to be in town later this month I was puuumped. Then I saw how much tix were and I honestly couldn’t gather enough pennies to buy any. Then I saw this preview and I immediately added to my list. After watching this special I felt like it gave me just enough of that Seinfeld kick that I won’t have FOMO when everyone is posting about it.

The story telling is great, the old footage is a treat and how he wraps up the special made me feel all warm and fuzzy.



Ghost Of The Mountain 

We really like watching nature docs, and after our trip to the Yukon we have been all about the mountain animals. I found this doc one day during an endless scroll through Netflix. It is beautifully shot and it was made by Disney Nature so you know it is going to be great for the fam.

Foo Fighters: Back and Forth

I was planning in our “office” one night and I heard the sultry sounds of the Foo Fighters from the living room. I curiously got up from my desk to find out what bae was watching and I didn’t leave until it was over.


Hidden Figures

Woman power! This movie is sad, interesting, empowering and based on a true story.




Ear hustle

Made and edited by inmates at San Quentin State Prison. They talk honestly about what’s going on in the inside.



Anna Farris is funny and has interesting guests. She swears more than I thought she would and just as funny as I figured. My fave part about it is that they take calls and give unqualified advice.

True Crime


If you already watched The Keepers on Netflix you will really enjoy this podcast. They look at an unsolved murder from the 80’s and try to answer questions for the family. Because of everyone’s interest in true crime and the podcasts own investigations the police have reopened the case!


Audio Book

Harry Potter Series

If you saw my Yukon post, we went through 4 of the HP books while driving. Now whenever we don’t want to turn on the TV we listen to more HP. Honestly the narrator is the BEST, his voices are so on point and he really takes you to Hogwarts. Forget Morgan Freeman I want this guy to narrate my life…..


The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls (current KDC Book Club Read)

Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Dedaris

The chapters are short stories that make me cringe but are so funny at the same time that you can’t stop reading!

The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson

This was a re-read for me that I binged during our Yukon trip. It is interesting, frightening and very eye-opening about different people and what a psychopath actually is. Is Jon one himself? Probably lol

The Girls by Emma Cline

The main character spends her teenage years in a cult. This one is another re read since I can’t get enough of the genre.

A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book

Looking for that photo inspo

Soulpancake Chew On Life’s Big Questions

Life inspo

Soulpancake was created by Rainn Wilson (Dwight fr The Office). Him and his team started asking really tough questions in creative ways. This book is exactly that. There is fun art, tough questions, quotes and so many more things. Every page has something special. Like I said sometimes you need a lil soul inspo and it fills this void. Have you heard of Kid President? They joined the Soulpackae fam because they were doing the same type of stuff, asking big questions that make you really think about life. If you wanna feel the feels dive into their YouTube black hole!

Dote Magazine: issue six (picked up at Crossroads Farmers Market)

Always after that local love <3 This mag is so beautifully shot and is filled with so many goodies. Check them out to find where to pick yours up.

Frankie magazine: issue seventy seven (picked up at Chapters)

This is one of my favourite mags. The interior is always so nice, the feel of the paper is rustic but smooth. Bonus there is always a sweet poster or a piece of art in every issue.

What have you been binging??

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