I’ve been a victim of that fall funk. You know that feeling when your body fully recognizes that drastic change from the warm weather to the dread of waking up to the possibility of needing to get out your ice scraper. It’s dark as hell real early and the loss of colour in our city 100% gets.me.down.

All the change outside had me thinking and looking inwards. I feel like I’m a pretty happy person but I felt like I was missing something and I couldn’t put my finger on it. One day I was driving when it hit me, I deserve more from my life. Shit, I demand it! I was what had been missing. I had to first admit to myself that there was a problem. The hard part came next, I had to forgive myself for letting myself down. I am still working through this bit, but each day has been easier and less foggy and I am feeling passionate about me again. I forgot to love me first. But now, I get to move forward and it has been the most exciting part. I put the simple thought out into the universe. I needed more of me in my life. And no joke since then, things have just been happening.  

Instead of over thinking I just started doing. I started saying yes to opportunities, people and myself.

I gathered up all my courage and went to the latest YYC Girl Gang hang with this new idea and energy in my heart. It was nerve-wracking getting there, but once I was there I felt so empowered. I was able to meet new people, and meet face to face with those inspiring ladies that I stalk on IG. It felt nice to share my ideas with people that are also idea makers and dream believers. To sit in a room filled with people that have the same mindset as you puts a fire in your belly!

YYC Girl Gang Hang
Kate Klassen, Inspiring Human + Editor in Chief of Dote Magazine

I started looking at the things that I love in my life. It all came down to connecting to and with people. It has always been about trying to give people a new perspective in hopes that they will learn more about themselves.

With all of that said, I am excited to introduce my new projects!!!

First off is KDC Stationery Club. I have always loved writing things down. To this day I love note taking, and writing notes and cards for any occasion and sometimes just cuz. I wanted to start this Stationery Club to encourage people to reconnect with pen and paper while also supporting Canadian made stationery.

Each box will be different and can include, greeting cards, notepads, stickers, pins, patches and art prints. The best part is that all of those products will be made by some amazing Canadians.

Every month you will get 10 products with a value of $50 for $35! I will be curating 9 of the items each month. All of my selections will be from great Canadian brands that share my love for beautiful paper products.

I am always on the hunt for new things so let me know of your favourites on IG!

Red Paper Boutique
Red Paper Boutique December add in’s

The last item in the box will be chosen by a guest curator. I am giving them the freedom to add any item of their choice. Please know that this means that their item may not be made in Canada but this item will be important to them in some way.

December’s guest curator is the lovely Christina from Teatime Circus. If you haven’t seen her around here yet go check out how I reached out to her to become friends IRL, and the start of our latest collab here.

Christina fr Teatime Circus <3

Click to order December’s Stationery Club box. And don’t forget to get one as a Christmas gift for that other card loving, MFM listening, sticker collector of a bestie of yours 💕.

Announcement numero dos. I’m starting a podcast! EEP!

img_0555 In each episode I will be sitting down with someone to talk about cliches they feel they have busted through during their life that brought them to something great. I am hoping each episode will give you a new POV and inspire you to do more of you.

The guest curator of the KDC SC will also be a guest on the podcast. So to find out exactly why they are adding their item you can listen in :).

My first cliche thought is brought to you by Nike. Just Do It. Can it really be that easy? Answer is hell yes!

Welcome to a new version of KDC, a more me version that is filled with passion, excitement and as always a bit of anxiety. I am trying to look past the fear to the greatness on the other side. Either way, I’ll know I tried, and that is more me than anything.


Big ups to Sara from Levi’s for the amazing embroidery on my jacket and to Christina for taking pictures of me in it 🤘🏽