I’ve been saying lately that my 30’s have brought me a lot of perspective. And shit, this year proved that to the MAX. I feel like I was tested as a human this year and it forced me to do a crazy amount of soul-searching. I’m pumped to leave the year behind and now is the time to be excited for what’s to come.

Through all of the chaos that was 2017 I wanted to share the clarity I found within this year.

  1. actions speak louder than words
  2. being vulnarable is scary AF but it has been worth it every time
  3. be honest about what you need, even if that’s help
  4. gratitude is important
  5. show up! show up for others but mostly myself
  6. forgive
  7. saying no is ok
  8. saying yes is also ok
  9. remember why you started
  10. take the time to feel all the feelings
  11. take all of your diabetic meds!
  12. live a life of service
  13. capture the moment
  14. be an active listener
  15. I only have time for best friends
  16. always look for that silver lining
  17. self care isn’t selfish

What about you? Where and when did you find your lessons of 2017? I would love to know your list ❤️ comment below

I hope that no matter the bullshit that may find you in 2018 you are able to find that silver lining (lesson 16).<<<< gt;<<< ><< p>< /p>