2017 year in review

Some people would consider me a hoarder. I have boxes of movie stubs dating back to early 2000. I have my concert ticket from Eagle Eye Cherry from ’97 🤭 . I keep all the cards and all the notes. I like think that I’m collecting memories. So I prefer the term sentimental over hoarder

One of my most fave type of keepsakes are photos. And damn with smart phones this has become so easy to do. Wanting to take a picture of grateful moments was #13 on my top lessons of the year of 2017. Read the rest of that list here.<< th our phones, we are able to capture moments in an instant but sometimes they lost and forgotten until you get that "out of storage" message amiright? So I challenge you to scroll through your phone and instead of looking for the photos to delete look at all those gems in between. Relive that moment. Who were you with? Why did you pick that moment to take your phone out? What were you feeling in that instant? Shit can get deep! Hopefully you will see all the love and be grateful for being able to still be strong and standing today. I hope you have the best 2018 💪🏽

This year we have

fished a lot of places

seen a lot of faces

and we’ve been on so many adventures

Thank you to all the people that made this year fun, exciting and memorable.