Bennnnnnd and SNAP! If you don’t know what that is from we can’t be friends anymore…. For all of you that knew right away I’m talking Legally Blonde I am high 5’ing you through the screen.bnsThis movie sits in my heart fondly. I spent so much time watching this movie. Bucket List item #456 see this ‘ish on stage….have you seen it? Tell me EVERYTHING in the comments please and thank you <3

It taught me female power, and to “most importantly believe in yourself.”

I have loved Resse Witherspoon since I first saw her on screen. I have always seen her as funny, smart, strong, and an activist. I really respect her for the projects she chooses. And somehow, she doesn’t age…how?!?!

I watched an interview she did about the need for more females in her industry. She felt a call to action to start her own production company and to create things that showed more depth to a female role. They have been able to showcase stories outside of “housewife” or “victim”. Cuz ladies we are all much more than all of that shit. All of the things she does revolves around empowering woman which I am all about.

As a book lover, Resse also started investing in reads she could turn into movies. Remember Wild? The book was written by Cheryl Strayed and I remember reading it back in 2012 because Oprah included it as a part of her book club hahaha. Resse started in Wild and backed it. If you haven’t read or watched it, you must.

Did you read or see Gone Girl? The book was written by Gillian Flynn and published around the same time as Wild. Although Resse wasn’t in the movie, it was her team that got the rights to this one. Again, add this to your read/watch list.

So what does she have to do with book club?

Well, she read this book and turned it into the HBO miniseries.

After seeing the success the TV show had during the Golden Globes and listening to all of the empowering speeches I was reminded that this was in my TBR (to be read) shelf. I took it as a sign to make this our first book of the new year. To know that this show is a part of Resse’s company I know that the show is going to be powerful and exciting to watch. Also, the rest of the cast is so so so great!

Introducing our 2018 Jan-March bookclub Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. This authour writes really interesting and intriguing stories so I am even more excited. The other books of hers I have read include the Husband’s Secret, What Alice Forgot and Three Wishes.

 TBH I started watching the show but only got 3 episodes in. My PVR stopped recording the series and then I just forgot about it because there is just too much TV out there! I’m really excited to read the book in accompaniment to the show.

If reading or watching TV is on your goals list for 2018 I hope this will be a good place for you to start.

You can pick this bad boy up on Amazon or pick it up at your local bookstore like I did.

The show isn’t streaming on anything other than HBO on Demand currently.

The book is about 500 pages and the show is 7 episodes long. The goal will be to finish the book by end of February. This will give you 7 weeks :).

As for the watching part of the book club, I wanted to get your opinion.

Option 1) watch an episode a week

Option 2) binge it all together

Option 3) watch the finale together as a group

Let me know if you will be reading along and which option you prefer for watching.

Book discussions will happen in the comments below, please state which chapter/episode you have read up to before you begin to help with spoiler control.

If you are an avid reader and want to see what else I am reading outside of book club I post that on Instagram.

Happy reading friends!