When I was 14 I told my mom I wanted a cell phone…she told me to get a job 😂. When that time came for me to get my Sony Ericsson I was over.the.damn.moon! I used that thing to play Snake, and take blurry pictures, but it was mostly used to call people since texting was only starting to be a thing. Jump 18 years and many cell phones later I’m now barely using my cell to make calls! These days it’s all about the apps.

2017 was the year that I put my phone through a digital detox. There is only space in my life and phone for apps that I actually use and love.

The apps I wanted to share are not focused on social media but if you are curious about what I like to use the most let me know in the comments. Also, I’m using an Apple phone these days, but most of these apps are available across different devices.


Google Calendar (free) – It’s clean, easy to use and it syncs with my Google Home. I can even add my Facebook events so everything shows up in one place. When I set up my month of planning in my bullet journal I take a look at my google cal to make sure I don’t miss anything. The pictures that come up with the events are my favourite. It breaks down a normally scary looking schedule.

kdc google cal

Notes (free) – I like to use the notes app to keep track and jot down ideas in the moment. I currently have 42 notes created and they span from quotes I like to poems I’m writing, to menu planning for the week.

Pinterest (free) – I’ve been using Pinterest since 2009 and it helps organize my brain. I have boards for outfits, decorating inspo, vacations and 50+ more things. When I meal plan for the week I take a look at my food board to make up my menu. After finding a recipe I want to use for the week I copy the link and put it in a new note with a  corresponding shopping list.

Wanna see what I’ve been eating/pinning check out my boards –> here



Audible (paid) – This app lets me listen to books, often read by the author. It is nice to hear it in their voice and read aloud how it is meant to be. This is how we listened to 4 Harry Potter books during our recent road trip to the Yukon.

Shazaam (free) – It’s like the google for songs. I use this app when I hear a song and want to know the artist/name of the song. Within the app, once the song is matched I can open it in iTunes.

Google Play Music (free version) – I like this music app for the curated playlists. I use the desktop version more often than the mobile TBH.

Podcasts (free) – These days I’m listening to true crime, self-development, comedy and business pods.

iTunes (free, Premium is paid) –  I’ve tried all of the paid music apps but this has been my fave. I can search for artists and pull up their entire discography and just add their music to my phone. And since it pairs with Shazamm I can add that new found song directly to my library.

Skillshare (paid) – This is a teaching website that offers classes on so many different topics. I have done classes in photography, lettering, how to be a good presenter and even cooking. Best part is that anyone can be a teacher. The app lets me keep track of my classes and I can watch videos over my phone.


IKEA (free) – I love this app so much. If you go to Ikea ever, you need this one. This bad boy will tell you where exactly in the damn store that 1 pillow you are looking for can be found! This thing is a lifesaver when I don’t want to browse through the whole store, which is most of the time. You can add items to make up shopping lists, and it will tell you if the item is still in stock.

img_2167        img_2166

Starbucks (free) – Have you been to Starbucks lately and seen the people that walk in, go straight for their drink that is already on the bar and then they just leave? This is the app we are using to never wait in a Sbux line again! This app lets you order and pay for your bevi before even stepping inside. If you are lucky enough to get gifted an sbux card, you can easily put that balance straight on your phone too. And yes, you can tailor your order on the app to exactly how you like it. Extra hot, extra whip and everything.


VSCO + A Color Story (free, both have the option for paid upgrades) – I use both of these apps to edit all of my photos

What types of apps are you using and loving?

If you have one that I need to know about please let me know in the comments below!