Think of your brain like your fridge

 While I was spring cleaning my kitchen I found a similarity between my brain and my fridge as I tossed out old hot sauce bottles.

Think of your brain like your fridge, there is only a limited amount of space available and we get to choose what to fill it with.

We need to throw out all the old shit that has been in our brain and fridge for years!

You know that old thought of jealousy that you have, think of it as an old hot sauce bottle. It’s there, dormant, not really hurting anyone but still there taking up space. We might have acknowledged to ourselves that jealousy is something we have dealt with and that we are fully ready for love! But if that hot sauce bottle of negativity is still in our fridge brain, it is still taking up space.

If you wanna make room for a cake in the fridge, or love in your life you need to make sure that there is space. That there are no old jars of bad habits or negative self talk in the back to ruin the whole thing.

The things we put in the fridge normally have an expiration date, so what in your brain needs to be cleaned out? When I Googled expiration date it came up with

The date after which a product should not

be sold because of an expected

decline in quality or effectivness.

Do you still hold on to a belief that has expired?

Have you become too comfortable with that thought it in there that the thought of not having it is daunting?

Are you really ready for that next step, for love, for more to be brought to your life? Or are you holding onto something?

Just like your fridge, you have to make space for the cake and it just won’t fit if you keep it stocked full of junk!

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