Happy tears are a thing

I was NEVER the type to ever show too much emotion up close. Crying was reserved for girls nights and time alone. Never with other people and never in front of strangers!

Does anyone remember when Bruce Willis had hair and dated Jenifer Anniston on Friends during season 6?

Bruce’s character and I have a lot in common, including our devilish good looks! But other than that, once we started crying in front of people we just couldn’t turn it off!

Crying use to be reserved mostly for heartache but these days I have found myself crying anxiety tears, happy tears or joyous tears.

You know that feeling after a good cry? How you feel after you watch that movie just to get out all of those tears? Or when you are with real friends and you laugh cry so.hard your sides cramp and everyone needs a minute to stop and catch their breath? Each time I find that it feels so liberating after letting it all out!

After a good cry, I feel so clear and treat it like a reset for my body and my mind.

Sometimes during the worst anxiety attacks, I find that crying gives me the exact reset that I need. The tears come as the result of frustration, and more often than not also in search for that clarity.

Happy tears happen way more often these days as I tell someone how much I truly appreciate them as a human. I know how hard it can be to be the best version of yourself all.the.time. So when I am around someone that is like that I want them to know that I saw them, and that I appreciate them and that I am grateful for them.

We spend too much time thinking of

convenience when it comes to talking to people that

we lose the connection!

It’s the same when I see people doing something they truly love. When their face emotes their passion and joy – it gets me! When I watch my nephew in a play, my friend in a choir or that 10 year old auditioning on TV I can see how truly themselves they are, and I love that they are able to show kindness to the world by using their gift.

What this means now, I always carry tissue.

How do you feel about this type of vulnerability?

Do you cry happy or heartache tears?