It’s only up to you!

This loaded question is one that a lot of people tend to avoid. We get caught up in our regular routines and we forget that we choose every day. As adults, we make up to 35 000 decisions a day! So what are you choosing?

Working with kids one strategy I always use is presenting a choice between this or that.

What do you want from your life?

Are you choosing comparison or compassion?

Does it mean more to you to be right, or to be understood?

Are you holding a grudge so hard that it is keeping you from a real connection that you are actually dying to have?

Are you looking for something more than you have right now?

Are you choosing to see the good in people or only focusing on the bad?

Don’t forget that we are all human.

We choose to show up, to learn, to react, to teach.

What are you choosing?

Are you choosing to add to the problem by simply doing nothing? Or are you looking to take action? I am here to help you. If you know you want more but don’t know where to start, sign up for my newsletter for a 5 day mind/habit clearning challenge to get you on the right track.