On and off the mat

I knew that I wanted more from life and that included strengthing my body. I needed to find some form of exercise that was convenient, and enjoyable or I would drop the habit like a bad boyfriend!

I wasn’t exactly sure what type of exercise I wanted to do, where I would go or even where to start. I just knew I had to do something. The same day I made that decision a video from Yoga with Adriene showed up in my YouTube feed so I tried it.

In my post about mindfulness (you can read that over here), I talked about being more intentional with my morning routine. And for the past 30 days, this has included yoga.

I wanted to share with you 3 things Yoga has taught me in 30 days on and off my mat.

Slow down! When I started understanding the names of poses I would want to rush through the transitions to meet the instructor’s pace. But it’s like Adriene knew because she called me on my shit, even through the interweb, and I loved it. TBH it freaked me out at first because the video was from 2015, and it is a video! How did she know I was rushing?! 

So I listened to her instructions more closely. Her instructions were simple when I focused only on that. After awhile I didn’t have to watch the video. I started to slow down my movements and enjoy every part of every single movement. It reminded me how important active listening is. Don’t focus on my reaction and really try to understand the situation.

The second lesson Yoga taught me was to find the opposition and lean into the resistance. It is all there to learn from. If I’m working on a balancing pose I’m pushing two opposing forces together to make it happen.

This practice has also enriched my life off of my mat. Where do I find resistance in my every day? Now I know it’s there to learn from.

Yoga helped me to realize that it is simply deepening the connection of your mind, body, and breath.Thinking about this off the mat has helped me manage my anxiety and slow down my negative self-talk spiral.

When I first set out to do this exercise my intention was not to do 30 straight days of yoga. I just wanted to see how this type of exercise would serve me. I liked doing it those first few mornings, so I just started waking up a bit earlier to do a video and meditate. I track my moods in my journal and the couple days I didn’t my moods totally reflected it. The next thing I knew Adriene was welcoming me to the 30th day.

It was at no cost to me at first as I just borrowed a Yoga mat and used a series of videos I found online. By removing my regular excuses of not having the time or money from the equation I was able to fully enjoy this practice.

Now that the 30 days has ended what will I do? Thankfully Yoga with Adriene has a new 2018 series of monthly videos that I’m excited start! Let me know if you are following her stuff too 💕🙌🏽

I might even branch out and try a class, who knows! But right now I know that I will 100% keep yoga as a part of my mindful mornings.