Journal for Good

My first grade journal was one of my first confidants. I once wrote about my origin story which was first told to me by my older siblings. It included my mom finding me at the local KMart dumpster and then bringing me home 🙄. This tiny orange notebook was a place I kept all my thoughts and I loved it.

Then came the Book Fair and I found my diary that came with a lock and key, I was in heaven! A place to keep my secrets. It was everything I wanted.

As time went on I would try to keep up this loved habit but finding time for long form journaling was hard as hell. When I would write in it, it was mostly to bitch about something or someone. It became the place I used to vent. Then, I stopped doing it altogether. I wanted to keep it going, I swear I did! I would think about picking it up again but my entries started getting further and further apart. Days turned into months, then years.

Then one day I found a video about the Bullet Journal during a YouTube black hole binge. It seemed easy and I took it as a sign to go buy a new notebook and I tried it out.

It’s been 2 years and 6 journals later and I’m still at it. I wanted to share the top 3 things I still use my journal for.

I love post-it notes! All shapes and sizes! But it was starting to get out of hand.

I needed to find a place to write to help me organize my brain.

So if you look in between my monthly and weekly spreads you’ll find things that use to be on post it’s.

  • Reminders like the one below helped when I was trying to relearn how to eat when I became diabetic.
  • Mind mapping – a way to organize all my big ideas
  • Brain dumping – when I just need to write things down 

I am the sentimental type.

I like to think of it as collecting memories.

  • Gratitude – this comes in many forms. I like to look back at these pages to remind myself of all the great people, events, stickers and mantras I have in my life <3
  • Memories – keepsakes, photos

I like to track my habits and my moods. If I don’t do a healthy habit, it shows me how it effects my mood throughout the day.

  • Moods  – I like to use the bar graph for the visualization of the mood dips and spikes. I first used a bar graph when I was tracking my sugars and when I did that I tracked at 3 different times a day. So I kept that up with my moods. 3 different times a day = 3 different colours. I first track in the morning usually, after I have done my morning routine. Then in the afternoon, after lunch and after meetings. And then again in the evening, once I’ve gotten home and decompressed.
  • Habits – If I’m trying to keep up a habit, like to take all of my diabetic meds this is a way for me to see that visually. I don’t like to break the chain! It’s like my own personal gold star chart 😂The other healthy habits I track include 1 mindfulness break in my day to remind me to stay present. Reach out to my people. I’m an introvert at heart and sometimes I forget that I do love people.

I have gone back to this format of keeping my habits and moods on the same page.

Do you Journal for good? Try making your journal a positive space, for your goals and your gratitudes and to better your life.