Didn’t know

I loved making vision boards, flipping through magazines and cutting out pictures and buzz words about things that I wanted from my life.

I still do this TBH and one important thing I’ve learned is that there were just some things that I didn’t even think about putting on my board that I am so thankful for today 🙌🏽. We can’t plan for what we don’t even know is out there. So remember to leave a bit of space on your vision board for the greatness you don’t even know is coming for ya ❤️.

Some things I never thought I would have because of self doubt, self sabotage.

  • LOVE, like real my knees, get shakey and I’m gonna fight with you but we are going to make up and keep on going kind of love.

The type of love that brings more meaning to all of my relationships because I really care about them

  • CAT HAIR ON MY CLOTHES, I always thought I was a dog person 😂

But really, I was always scared of cats but then I found Alfred at Meow Foundation and I knew he’d be mine.

  • SUPPORT, I was always the “black sheep” in the way I acted and even the way I looked.

But for the first time, now that I act more myself more often people understand me and support my ideas

  • DIABETES, I knew it was a possibility, but I still thought I was invincible!
  • SELF LOVE cuz I realized I deserved it
  • PEACE cuz I wanted it
  • CLARITY cuz I demanded it

The difference is that I decided it’s what I wanted. You can have it too if you want it.