Another part of my Mindful Morning

For the past month, I have added meditation to my mindful morning routine. Beforehand meditation wasn’t an every day kind of thing for me. But it made sense when I started to rejig my morning to do this right after I do a Yoga video. This combo sets me at peace and ready for my day!

I remember at first I was really nervous, it seemed waaaaaaay more intimidating than yoga! How the hell am I supposed to calm my racing brain? But I leaned into it, and I surprised even myself!

The biggest benefit meditation has had on my life is it has shown me a new way to understand and manage my anxiety. And holy shit folks, it’s been amazing! Even amongst a crisis, I was able to recall my meditation practice and used it to not freak out, to support people around me and come out with a clear POV.

I’ve been reminded to not become my feelings. To simply feel them, understand them and then let it go. This means I am not sitting and stewing as much as I use to! And even though I am an introvert at heart I was reminded during a meditation that,

Me time is with you wherever you go. The only thing getting in the way of me time is wanting to be someplace else.

Meditation has made me pay more attention, and to be more present of every moment. It has helped me find a state of calm. I also make sure to use part of this time to send out gratitude vibes and focus on my weekly mantra.

So, if this has been something you have been interested but intimidated by taking this as your sign to give it a try. You can commit at least 3 minutes to better yourself, so start here.