Resting B*itch Face

When I first heard the term Resting Bitch Face it spoke directly to me! I loved it, I used the term, and could even tell when exactly I was serving my best look.

I learned to keep people at an arm’s length because anything closer meant that I could get hurt. So I blamed my “bitch face” on my bad eyesight when I would glare at people.

Funny thing was that all of the vibes I was putting out were the exact things I was trying to avoid. Ya know, like actual bitches.

What I was actually looking for was kindness and acceptance. Once I realized this I started changing my ways and decided to lay my resting bitch face to rest.

You can’t be tough all the time and also have room for love. You can’t show the world your tough layer and expect that people will show you kindness in return.

This my friends is vulnerability at its finest!

I do walk around smiling more often, and even though I get eye rolls or people that avoid eye contact I get people that hold doors more often, I have more interesting conversations with strangers.

So ya, I’m putting this one to rest. It’s a mask I don’t ever want to put back on.

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