Yoga + Meditation – 90 days in

Back in March of this year, I decided to put more of an effort into how I spent my mornings. I use to tell myself, “I don’t have time to do anything!” but I’ve learned how much my brain likes to lie to me!

My new thought around how I spend my mornings is

“I make time for myself every morning, no matter what.” 

I am naturally an early riser so I knew that waking up a bit earlier wouldn’t be too much of a struggle. I gave myself an extra hour earlier than normal to leave space for my new habits. My mindful morning has included an online Yoga vid, a 5-10 minute guided meditation, breakfast and time to listen to a motivational book.

Since it has been 6 months since I introduced these new habits into my life I wanted to to be upfront with what I’ve learned, share when I struggled and how I got back on that horse!

If you wanna read more about what I learned from my first month, check out my 30 days of Yoga post and 30 days of Meditation post. You can also read about how I started my mindful morning here.

The first 3 months seemed easy. It was around the 4 month mark when I started finding excuses not to do any of it. I was seeing and feeling results in my life but I wasn’t motivated. I was feeling down on myself for dropping the habit and I talked myself into not doing anything at all out of shame. My negative self-talk became louder than my WHY and for the first time in months, I went a week without yoga or meditation and TBH, it was one of the hardest ever! I wasn’t in touch with my body or my head and I definitely felt the difference.

It was during a Netflix binge of Peaky Blinders that I decided to change up my self-talk.

If I could watch 6 episodes of this badass show, I could put aside 20 minutes for myself to do some positive and active self-care.

I started off slowly. I turned to a 10-15 minute yoga vid and did 3 minutes of meditation instead of 10. Gradually my body and soul craved more focus so both activities became longer.

Now that I know the name of poses and understand the flow that comes with Yoga I have been spending the time looking for new things to learn from each pose. I want to find tension, I want to push myself a bit harder and I want my body to become stronger.

Meditation is the easiest since I literally just sit there and listen to Andy from Headspace’s calming voice. He serves me up Ah-ha moments during every session so I look forward to that new learning daily.

By focusing my thoughts on how much this morning ritual has helped recenter me was all the convincing I needed to pick up the habits again.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not doing yoga like when I first started but I commit to at least 5x/week. Meditation though, this I do every day. The commitment I’ve made to myself means more to me than anything, and when I come from a place of “I make time for myself every morning, no matter what”  there is no question or excuse that can cloud that.