Why you shouldn’t waste your time on wishing to be happy 100% of the time

2018 has been one helluva year! The ups and downs have been consistent and that has taught me a lot about life over the past 10 months.

Life should be happy all the time, right?

Imagine you wake up happy, not sleepy. You go through your day happy and never angry. or frustrated. Then you come home to a house full of happy people and you talk about how great and how happy everyone is. There is no talk of fear, anxiety, or guilt. TBH, that sounds exhausting, and not realistic.

I use to wish for 100% happiness all the time. But I realized that I need to feel those hardships, the anger, the frustration, the anxiety. I need all of it, so I can really appreciate the good stuff. Life is not happy all the time and that is a-ok.

You gotta go through some shit to find greatness on the other side. You have to feel all the shit in order to know what that happiness, love and joy really feels like.

My anxiety journey through this year has been another rollercoaster. Sure, I can focus on all the hardships it brought me, like the days I couldn’t get out of bed or leave my house because facing people seemed too hard.

But instead, I choose to focus on the fact that my anxiety has also given me another layer of empathy and understanding.

Take this as your reminder that you’re growing through it. We all are.