About Me

Hello! I’m KDC aka Kristina, a born and raised Calgarian bringing kindness to the world through my photography, education sessions and life coaching.

I have developed the Kindness Drives Change method to help people rediscover what it means to show kindness to yourself. We look at the facts of a situation, decide what we want and take action to move our lives forward.

Once you master my techniques you will be able to give more Kindness to your relationships and then the world!

Our lives are over scheduled, over saturated and at times overshared. We’ve been taught that validation is the spice to life and that happiness can only be found out in the world.

I was spending long sleepless nights tossing and turning, focusing on the fact that I felt unlike myself and uneasy in my own skin.

My anxiety was ruling my body and brain and I couldn’t figure out why or how to manage it without medication. I was hard on myself for not being able to adult properly and I was finding evidence everywhere that I wasn’t good enough to have what I had.

After living with this pit in my stomach for years I knew I had reached my breaking point. I was longing for connection peace and clarity. As soon as I put this new thought out into the world I was able to find serenity within my own name. KDC.

I am creating conversations about what it means to parent our children without fear, what it means to be a good friend, and how to be the truest version of you.

I have been doing storytelling photography for over 5 years and I love being able to capture all of the in-between moments for people. I bring along my camera to capture the moments you are living through so you can relive them time and time again.

Feel the freedom it takes to laugh at yourself!