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Market Collective 311

I have been attending Market Collective since 2008 and it has been amazing to see it grow with every market. If you have never been you are either,  a) scared of crowds or crafts b) crazy c) just don’t know! I am not here to judge and whatever the reason MC is back this weekend […]

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Hawkers Market 311

Hawkers Market originated in Vancouver and finally earlier this year it found it’s way to YYC. Never heard Hawkers Market, no worries that is why you are here 🙂 They describe on their FB page as being a ‘Monthly “Underground” food marketplace that allows food startups a place to connect with each other and their customers.’ […]

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Favourite Christmas Tunes

Some might think that it is still too early, but I have started listening to Christmas music already. To be honest, it started on October 30th! My playlist is extensive as there are many songs that have been redone by many people a million times over. And when you start listening to music in October you […]

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