KDC Photography


My love for photography started when I was a youngin’. I could always be found carrying around my plastic camera by the wrist strap and carrying around my play purse. Besides my lip chap my purse was filled with a “just in case” disposable camera and a recording device. You could say that I have been a curator of stories all my life. I’m always looking at ways to collect people’s stories.

My childhood passion for photography brought me to street photography as a teenager where I mastered the ability to blend in and take quick secret shots of my observations.

These skills have given me a keen eye to capture families together during special moments. My technique includes hardly ever asking for poses but instead taking secret shots of those precious moments that we forget are important.

For the past 10 years I’ve been mastering my art of storytelling photography and I have fallen in love with being able to capture all of the in-between moments for people. I bring along my camera to capture the moments you are living through so you can relive them time and time again.

Praise for KDC Photography

KDC made me feel so comfortable during our family photo shoot. She didn’t ask for too many poses which is nice since I’m not a model! I wasn’t sure about the “storytelling” format but she was able to get shots that I can’t stop staring at. She made the whole experience easy and fun. I told my wife that I only want KDC to take my photo from now on, and she got so excited that we booked our Holiday shoot right away!

We hired Kristina to be our wedding photographer. She took the time to research the venue and understand our vision. Kristina truly went above and beyond any expectation we had for a photographer and was a huge support in making sure the day went smoothly.

Kristina has an eye for capturing those authentic moments which shines through in the way the photos are so reflective of us, our relationship and family. She was able to incorporate the vintage vibe and style of our wedding so well. Seriosuly in love with the photos! We would have not trusted anyone else to capture our special day.