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You have the willpower of a beast! Life has thrown you curveballs every step of the way but you are one smart, resilient, bad ass!

But these days, something is missing….

You have been working really hard to get right where you are. But lately, you feel guilty and disappointed because this isn’t how you thought it would be or feel.

You want a deeper connection with your child(ren) because up until now they have needed you for everything! How do you parent without fear and without guilt while stilling giving them room to breathe?

You want to put that spark back into your love life because that energy that use to keep the fire alive between you and your partner has dimmed over time. You have forgotten to put each other first, and are having a hard time getting back being in love.

You want a stronger relationship with your friends and family but you distance yourself because it’s frustrating that they can’t see things from your point of view! 

You procrastinate instead of taking action and that just puts in you in a negative spiral. There are just too many variables that making decisions can freeze you instead of excite you.

You are frustrated with yourself for not being able to figure this life part out on your own. As an adult, you’re supposed to have things figured out! Ready for my first secret? Most of us are still figuring it out! 

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As your life coach, I will teach you the KDC method that I have tested and lived through for years. 

The Kindness Drives Change Method:

Know the facts. What is true at this moment? What is true for ME at this moment?

Decide. How do you want to feel and what you want?

Choose  Action. If all the choices you had were positive and they were all “right decisions” which would you choose?

A choice is where I started. I was giving too much control to other people and things with the thought that they or the thing is what will make me happy. I took away that power and made a choice to change my life for me.

Happiness is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Staying in bed all day is a choice. Taking no action is a choice.

Let’s feel our feelings without falling over! Let’s learn how to get through the shit times and the best times because we know life only has both.

Set up a clarity call right now to find out where in your life needs a bit more kindness.

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Praise for the KDC method

I am able to have a deep connection in all my relationships. I connect with everyone and I can’t turn it off!  It takes a lot of work but Kristina takes the time and goes above and beyond to take the time to show me how the KDC method changes how I look at life. -C 

I’m finally at my ideal weight because I was able to undersatnd what the facts are compared to what I believed my facts to be. -K

I am able to meet any goal I set for myself because I have the confiedence in myself and the method. -B

My time management is so under control I have free time to focus on sharing my Kindness with the world. -J

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