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What if you could talk to your kids in a way that got more than that classic preteen shoulder shrug?

Imagine you are able to sit down with your partner and talk about what you need with no bullshit or storm outs but rather in an open way that brings more understanding and romance to your relationship.

What if you had the confidence to express your ideas and concerns at the office to bring more collaboration and teamwork in the boardroom?

– It’s not impossible and I will show you how – 

The internet has done a great job of bringing people together, look at us here right now! There are new communication apps and websites popping up every day in hopes to bring friends and families like mine closer with easy and free contact.

In the same breath, the internet has done an even better job at dismantling human connection. Twitter wars, Cyberbullying, trolling. Even sending a simple email or text can be taken the wrong way. People are using the convenience of the online world to say things “out loud” without really having to say it out loud.

The biggest thing that has changed how I communicate with people is the simple reminder that

Kindness drives change

It has become second nature to float through our days attached to our own struggles.

We are more disconnected than ever before because we forget that every one of us has our own stories of struggle, failure and fear. 

So, what would happen if we were able to talk with one another from a place of non-judgement and truth? We would be able to get more of what we want more often.

The kindness that you show yourself is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself.

Once you master kindness to yourself your capacity to empathize expands and you start to make space in your heart and brain for other people. 

As your Conversation Coach, I will give you the tools to navigate those hard talks, even if that includes negative self-talk! I will show you what it means to build conversations that matter and empower.  

I teach from a place of emotional literacy, why we feel the way we do and how do we talk about it all.

The next time you feel your blood start to boil or anxiety creep up because of another human, before reacting right away try this instead

1. Take a second to breathe

Slow down your heart rate and your reaction brain

2. Ask yourself, Who needs kindness in this situation?

Is it someone in the room? Is it myself? Is it the world?

Join in on conversations and challenges to build more of what you want.

My favourite space to do this work is 1 on 1. Together we can get to the heart of the issue and come up with personalized and targetted plans to get you to your goal.

The world needs more kindness. The world needs more you!

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