What I’ve Learned Thus Far

2015 has started off with a bang! For me, a new home, an adopted cat, renewed love for buying vintage goods and amazing catch up’s with long lost friends. I also blame all of these things for my lack of posting! 

With tomorrow being my birthday I thought it was the best time to start this bad boy up again. These simple things are what I have learned in my 20’some years that I want to share.

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Vacation Mode

I hope all of you have a great holiday season!

I will be back in the New Year with exciting photo projects, DIY’s interviews & as always my Faves of the year.

But for now, take some time off of the internet and spend it with those that you love

❤ kdc

A Day @ Commonwealth Collectors Club

This past Sunday I spent the day at Commonwealth Bar & Stage for the Holiday edition of the Collectors Club.

For the $3 entry you are able to listen to tunes being spun by 2 awesome local female DJ’s and shop for the rest of your holiday gifts. And if you’re feeling it you can do all these things while sipping on a mimosas and eating food from Eats of Asia.

I arrived at around 1:30 and it felt like a Saturday night. Bumping tunes and a crowd that was hard to walk through. But because I’m small I used all my ninja skills to get around. It was pretty steady all day which was good for the vendors and it was great to see all those that came out. I talked to a few people that even were on their way, or just came from Market Collective, it was great seeing all these people supporting local business!

Below are the pictures I was able to snap. Keep up to date with when they will be having their next market by following them on IG + FB

Our Favourite Christmas Flicks

Every weekend starting around November we start watching Christmas movies. There are of course classics and lots of different ones available now that Netflix and online streaming is more popular. But we have a few that we watch without fault!


This is probably my most favourite out of all the movies. Bill Murray does a great job as a crochity modern day Scrooge, and when I say modern – think 80’s haha. This movie is hilarious, ridiculous and heartfelt all at the same time.


Everyone has heard of this movie right? The kids love it, it’s funny, cute and great for family. Last year while in New York we went on a Central Park walking tour and when they asked what people wanted to see all I was concerned about was seeing where Elf’s snowball fight went down, and I of course wanted to walk in the same spots that Kevin Mccallister walked in.


I remember watching the first one one VHS forever ago. I remember writing down the pranks Kevin pulled in case someone ever broke into my house, I’d be ready! The music is memorable and of course Kevin’s screaming face is what we use whenever ‘ish goes down.  The kids like watching the full box set but I stick to the classics.



I loved the cartoon version 100% but when Jim Carry put on that green suit & makeup I was in awe. It was amazing to see Dr Seuss’ world brought to life! The music again is great and we still rock this on VHS. I think the kids like the tape because it’s green haha


Are you surprised? Again another movie we watch on tape. I have seen it on DVD but I like that we can still watch this in the VCR. This brings me back – waaaaay back – like all the way back. I’d watch this while eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate after skating on the lake. The fact that I can do this with the trio makes me super happy. The kids and I quote this movie all the time and laugh about our favourite parts. When the kids are frowny I call them Ralphie, when they bring sticks in the house baby sister yells “You’ll shoot your eye out kid!”  and we pretend that we have a leg lamp in our living room. This movie will forever be a classic, and I am surprised that we haven’t ruined the tape yet! Only then will I purchase this bad boy on DVD

With the kid’s time off during holidays we also like to watch our trilogies. Lord of The Rings, Star Wars, Narnia and Indiana Jones, ya know the essentials 🙂

What are yours and your families favourite movies to watch during the holidays?

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Out of Town Photo Adventure

Over the weekend a friend and I went on a mini photo adventure West. No real destination was in mind only an idea of the shots we wanted to get. Nothing ended up with what we were thinking of, but I am happy with the shots I got nonetheless. A mini road trip is always a success when you’re in good company ❤

Surprise Birthday at Blowfish

Earlier this week I was thinking about my brother’s upcoming birthday and I thought, what the hell do I get this foodie!?!? Not only is he a chef, and the owner of Eats of Asia but he is one of those whose birthday’s fall into the prime holiday season. Then I thought, why not have a Surprise Party for him! So naturally the following thoughts came to mind…





The answers came to me just as quickly…

Blowfish, duh! He loves that place, and always promises to go with me.

Invite the fam jam + friends.

Saturday is his actual bday, but because of previous commitments Sunday would do & hopefully throw him off.  

Get his wife Jo to tell him she is going to take him for dinner and arrive at Blowfish instead

Everything came together and went according to plan. I made a banner that read “Happy Birthday”. I received the infamous “We are here” text from Jo and we all stood up and held balloons. As he walked through the door we all yelled SURPRISE and threw balloons at him, because in our family we like to show love through aggression. He was genuinely surprised and I was happy we pulled it off.

We ate SO MUCH FOOD, but I would be happy to eat there every day. Not only is it so tasty, but the presentation is on point!

We started with the Agedashi Tofu. Theresa said it best; I never knew tofu could taste so good!

The vegi + shrimp tempura was also great. Not greasy and just the perfect amount of batter.

The volcano roll was appropriately in the shape of a triangle which I thought was super clever. And the sauce was also tastefully placed and orange. Dammit Helen you genius you!

The Crunchy Salmon Roll was exactly that. The salmon wasn’t overpowered by the other ingredients and the crunch was great.

The Dynamite roll was huge, and it was fun watching others eat it.

Spicy Tuna Maki lived up to it’s name. The tiny jalapeños gave it an extra kick in the pants and we were all surprised that a tiny roll could pack so much punch.

Kamikaze Roll has always been one of my favourites, so I was excited to share this with people. the crunch on the outside is very unassuming. But it fits so nicely with the salmon + other ingredients.

The Signature Blowfish Sushi Roll brought a nice balance to our spicy rolls. The mango added a nice sweetness that was very appreciated.

I didn’t eat any of the Birthday Boy Special but I totally wanted to hahaha. It looked amazing and Jay loved everything that was on it.

The Nutella wontons were there perfect finisher. They were light, and had the right amount of sweetness to it that wasn’t overpowering.

The night went off without a hitch thanks to Jo, Jemmi, Helen & those that came out 🙂 If you haven’t been to Blowfish you gotta head down ASAP! The ramen burger is back for December so call and make a reso.

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Check out Blowfish Sushi Lounge online Twitter & Instagram

DIY Christmas Cards & Gift Tags

A tradition we have been doing for years is making homemade Christmas cards + Gift tags. We listen to Christmas Tunes, burn Christmas smelling candles and eat snacks as we turn this activity into another way we come together for the holidays.

This year our supplies included; different kinds of crafting tape, string, cardstock in lots of different colours, crafting paper, white paper, pencils, pencil crayons + markers, scissors and glue stick.

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