What the heck is kdc Stationery Club? Bi-monthly I will be curating different Canadian made stationery products into a monthly collection for other paper lovers!

How is your box different from the other ones out there? I’m happy to say that this is the only box available that comes out on a monthly basis and that features primarily Canadian made products.

What types of products can I expect? There will be a mix of greeting cards, notepads, stickers, stamps, art prints, enamel pins, patches. Each box is different and will have seasonal items included.

How many items are in each stationery club box? Each box comes with 10 items

Do you choose all of the products yourself? Almost. Each month I will have a guest contributor that is able to choose an item to contribute. This may be the only item that is not made in Canadaland.

Can you get boxes monthly or do you have to sign up for the subscription? You can get boxes individually, but you will save $15 for the subscription.

How much are all the items? The value of the box is up to $50, and they are on sale for $35

What is the stationery surprise item listed? When you get this product I will include a mystery stationery item. This may include pens, stickers, notepads, cards or pins.

When will I get mine? These bad boys will be mailed out the middle of the month prior.

Are there any coupons available? If you sign up for the newsletter you will get a cheeky coupon code for your first purchase!

If you have more questions please email hello@kdcinyyc.com